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Integrate Beenote into your work environment for structured meetings

Microsoft Teams

Handle the entire meeting process without leaving Teams

Meet with Teams and document your meetings with Beenote before, during and after

Outlook Calendar

Plan your meetings easily and, above all, faster!

Beenote is fully integrated with your Outlook calendar. Forget about wasting time getting to know everyone’s availability.


Notifications: automatic reminders


All participants at the meeting have confirmation added to their calendar

Planning according to participants' availability

Continue to use your Microsoft tools and add value to your meetings with Beenote


Assign tasks in meetings and synchronize them in Microsoft To Do.

Assign, modify and complete your tasks directly in Beenote and update them automatically in Microsoft To Do.


Add tasks to your Outlook calendar


Be notified by email of a new task


Assign tasks in real-time


Bidirectional synchronization


Associate your tasks with your meetings and files

Track tasks in follower mode