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Own your board & executive meeting, from agenda to minutes

Beeboard is the perfect solution to document before, during and after your board and executive committee meetings. You can securely enclose teams, meetings, documents and decisions for complete confidentiality.

With Beeboard, you will be able to hold effective meetings, with the most accurate information, to make the right decisions. Our approach allows you to achieve the best levels of governance that are expected.

Beeboard brings you a simple, affordable, secure and efficient solution to document your governance.

collaborative governance


Beeboard supports you towards a better governance

Easy to use, easy to integrate and accessible to all, Beeboard is the best solution for managers and administrators who want to apply good governance practices through meeting management.

Beeboard plays a central role in supporting information sharing, decision making and risk management, criteria that attest to good governance.

Beeboard will greatly improve the effectiveness of your boards and committees with a simple, secure and efficient process.


Your virtual data room in one tool

The library holds your institutional memory which allows quick access to the virtual data room depending on the rights accorded to each team member.

The centralization of documents will allow you to quickly update them with the latest information available in a single tool, Beeboard.

Virtual data room

Better board and executive management practices

integration solution


Document your online board of directors and executive meeting

Integrations with Microsoft 365, Teams or Google Workspace provide full integration with your calendar and tasks.

Microsoft Teams integration also allows you to use the full power of their video conferencing tool and document your remote meetings and follow-up effectively.


The security of your documents, a priority for us

With over 20 years of experience in court security solutions, the creators of Beenote know and understand the importance you place on security.

* These certifications are compliant and have been awarded to its holders by the appropriate authorities in the field.

security compliance


We understand the importance of keeping data private, private.


Private team

Sensitive private data

Isabelle Ducharme

Before I was sending emails, Google Drive or Dropbox links, etc. to make sure to share as much information as possible with a Board of 9 people. Documents spread out on the left and on the right. With Beeboard, the management of the board is all in one place.

Board members simply open Beeboard and they will find everything they need to run their board (documents, tasks, agenda, calendar, etc.). This has made life easier for each board member and for me as a manager. It has also improved the knowledge transfer and governance of the organization.

Isabelle Ducharme
Executive Director, Sport Québec

3 easy steps to structured board and executive meeting


Easily write your agenda

Beeboard will facilitate your work by offering you an agenda based on a pre-built template or customized according to your organization’s needs.

board of directors


Beeboard makes it simple for you

During your board and executive meetings, you can take personal notes or share them in real-time, depending on your preference. The timestamp feature is done automatically during your meetings and then added to your minutes.

Record decisions or resolutions in a register, assign tasks during your meeting and track their progress from one meeting to the next.


Beeboard takes care of your minutes of meeting

Beeboard will simplify your work even more because at the end of your board or executive, your minutes could be up to 80% complete!

The advanced search in the solution will allow you to easily find information such as minutes, files, decisions, resolutions and actions.

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Main features of the Beeboard solution

(in addition to those of Beenote)

Integration with Google, Microsoft 365 and Teams

processus approbation

Approval process for the agenda and minutes

registre sujets, decisions, taches

Register of topics, tasks, decisions and resolutions

adoption procès-verbal

Approval of previous minutes

Notes personnelles

Personal note-taking

Access logging

répertoire procès-verbaux

Directory of minutes

bibliothèque privée

Library and private records

vote decision

Integrated voting system (soon)

minutes signature

Signing of the minutes (soon)

Managers use Beeboard to effectively plan their meetings

membre conseil d'administration

For your Board of Directors

réunion de comité

For your executive meetings

Beenote was named one of the best board management software of 2021 by

Best board management software

Good governance starts with good meeting management practices

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