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We are always aware of the latest technologies to offer you an efficient, secure, and most importantly, customized meeting management solution. We’ve compiled the features of Beenote for an overview of everything our solution can do for your team or Board of Directors.



Discover the new way to create your agendasNew

Simplifying the management of your meetings and the handling of the software is our priority. We take the opportunity of the end of summer to present you with the new version of Beenote 5.0.

When you want to create a New meeting, you now have 3 choices.

Create a quick agenda allows you to prepare a simple agenda with basic information such as the folder, the participants, the topics to be discussed and the time allowed. Then you can hold your meeting and add details to your topics in real-time.

Create an advanced agenda allows you to complete the agenda items and send the invitation email to participants. This is the basic structure you already know.

Using a template allows you to start with an agenda template from Beenote depending on the type of meeting you want to hold or create your own team or company templates.


Here is your new essential menuNew

Look in the lower left corner and you will find this menu.

What’s New: This is the place to keep you informed of what’s been added as new features or important improvements to discover to enhance your user experience.

Start the tour: We have set up a work sequence to help you successfully get to grips with the new Quick Agenda feature and understand how Beenote works when holding your meeting.

Beenote Academy is your knowledge base for all the features of Beenote and Beeboard that will allow you to deepen your use and obtain optimized meetings.


Simplified and Better Defined ManagementNew

  • The Account Settings and Configuration sections have been renamed to My Profile and Administration (this last option is only visible for account managers and administrators)
  • We have improved the administration section to make it easier to set up.

APRIL 2022

Use the Secretary Mode for Private Note-taking

When your meeting is running in Beenote and Secretary Mode is activated, note-taking in the agenda can be in confidential mode for some participants.

Once the meeting is over, the note taker can review their notes and make them official for everyone in the minutes.

This feature is exclusive to Beeboard.


January 2022

It’s time to vote

With Beenote 4.0, you can now quickly include a vote within your agenda or even during your meeting while adopting your resolution or making a decision.

This new feature allows you to do an advance vote before the meeting or vote in real-time whether you are in face-to-face or virtual mode.

This feature is exclusive to Beeboard.


Digital signature of the minutes

Also in version 4.0, the digital signature allows replacing the physical signature for minutes and reports in a secure and documented way.

This feature is exclusive to Beeboard.


Two-factor authentication for even more security

Digital security is more important than ever! Two-factor authentication validates your identity by ensuring that you are the owner of the Beenote account in question.


October 2021

Resolutions and the library with Beeboard

It is now possible to include resolutions in your agenda to vote on and thereby create a decision in the minutes and the record of decisions.

You also have access to your library according to the rights assigned to each member of your team to centralize and update all your documents in one place.


March 2021

Our agenda templates for all types of meetings

To make it easier to write your agendas, we have created Beenote templates according to your type of meetings.

You can continue to create personal or common templates for your entire organization or team.


Sub-topics for an even more structured agenda

Subtopics will allow participants to be better informed about specific aspects of the meeting.

Use this option when you need to present the main ideas of your topic.

Blog Named best board management software

january 2021

For optimize your board of directors, a leading independent website for evaluating online tools, products, and services for small businesses, has included Beenote on its list of top board management software for 2021.

Microsoft Teams et Beenote

December 2020

Meet with Teams. Document with Beenote!

With the rise of virtual meetings, it’s becoming essential to document your online meetings with a management tool that leads to better governance.

The integration of Beenote with Teams makes your meetings more productive and better tracked, from a single tool.


July 2020

Automatic Agenda Saving 

You can concentrate solely on the content of your meeting with Beenote, which offers an automatic saving of the agenda.

You can find your documents in the Beespace section. No more cold sweats for fear of having lost your document and having to start over!

google tasks -microsoft to do

November 2019

An even more complete task tracking tool

Beenote has upgraded its integrations with Outlook Task and Google To do to give you even better task tracking.

This integration allows you to add, assign, edit or complete your tasks directly in your task manager or in Beenote. The synchronization will be done and the tasks will be automatically added to the person’s calendar.

meeting timekeeper

September 2019

Beenote is precise with your meeting time

The approximate start time of the topics is displayed when editing your agenda when editing in the draft version and in the final version.

In the timer bar, it is also possible to know the planned time of a topic and the actual duration of the discussion during your meeting which allows you to respect the planned time. The actual time will also be displayed in the minutes.


August 2019

Survey results of your meetings with Beenote

Over the summer, Beenote surveyed 3,000 account managers to get a glimpse of the typical meeting person and their use of our meeting management tool.

Check out the top 5 reasons to love Beenote!

market research report

may 2019

Been mentioned as a key collaborative management solution

Beenote has entered the prestigious “Global Web Collaboration Management Market 2019 to 2024” report list of the top 20 global players in the collaborative management web tools business in 2019.

Read the report


December 2018

Advantageous packages to brighten up the world of meetings

In order to always serve you well, simplify your task, and meet your needs, we have reviewed all the Beenote or Beeboard packages.

You can benefit from Beenote from one user. By purchasing license packages that are available for 10, 20, 30, or 50 users and more, all participants or members of your team will have access.

new meeting button

November 2018

Start your unplanned meeting in seconds

The goal of using a meeting management solution is to make it easy, fast, and efficient. Beenote makes your meetings accessible with a single click using the New Meeting button.

Simply choose between starting an immediate meeting or planning your agenda for a future meeting. No unnecessary steps!

Beenote environment

June 2018

Beeboard our most complete solution is born!

The Beenote team is pleased to offer you the first governance solution for managing meetings for boards of directors, executive committees, and their teams.

Beenote 2.0 offers you its Beeboard version to ensure the best governance as well as being secure and easy to use to manage your meetings without paper.


February 2018

An overview of your Beenote meetings in your electronic agenda

Beenote integrates with your favorite applications such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Prepare your agendas in Beenote, they will sync with your calendar for a quick view of all your upcoming meetings!


January 2018

The content of your meetings without faults

Antidote’s spell checker is fully integrated with Beenote to help you write your agenda or any other text that needs a grammar check.

You can easily correct spelling and grammar, typography and style, and even dates and numbers with the tool always at your fingertips.

issues facing

september 2017

Beenote study on the state of business meetings

The Beenote team realized that there was a lack of information on the subject, so we thought it would be more than important and interesting to measure the relationship that employees have with meetings.

We wanted to know and measure the current state of the meeting at work. That’s what we did by asking over 1,300 people!

Finances Online announcement

August 2017

Winner of 2 prizes from FinancesOnline

Beenote received 2 special mentions in the highly respected B2B software and services review directory, FinancesOnline, in the Collaboration Software category.

We are proud to have received the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards. It just goes to show how hard we work to bring you exceptional meeting management software!

official beenote release

June 2017

Official release 1.2 of Beenote

The Comnet Technology team is proud to announce the official release of Beenote, which offers a multitude of new features, including two long-awaited:


9 benefits of walking on your health

April 2017

New trend: the walking meeting

To make Beenote even more accessible, your meeting management tool can be used on any browser and cell phone from anywhere.

We also want to encourage healthy lifestyle habits at work by allowing you to benefit from walking during your meetings!


out of beta, version 1.0

march 2017

Beenote 1.0, end of the Beta version

With the Beta version, you can plan, execute and track your meetings.

Beenote allows you to organize a clear and precise agenda, hold your meeting within the planned time, quickly write the minutes and follow up on team tasks and decisions.


february 2016

Launching of Beenote!

After seven years of thought and research, and nearly two years of software development, my team and I are very proud to present our new meeting management solution that will change your world, one meeting at a time.

A meeting management tool that stands out from the market to optimize the entire process of your team meetings!

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