Meeting Management Solution for Executive Committees

Designed for busy managers: simple, fast and secure

Do you regularly hold a board of directors to share strategic information and plan the next steps? Beeboard is there to keep you focused on what is being said.

Beeboard takes care of the planning, organization, holding and follow-up of post-meeting tasks. From the ease of use to efficient management, Beeboard is right for you.


Always have the latest version of your agenda thanks to our centralized portal and access tracking.


Use the pre-built agenda, custom template, duplication or recurrence of meetings.


Increase your corporate governance through the collaboration of all levels of management.

Security is our priority

With over 20 years of experience, the security of your documents is a priority for us.


Prepare a clear and structured agenda

Save writing time by using an agenda template that you will use for all your executive committees. You can also write this agenda in collaboration with each relevant member. You can also track versions and approve changes.

When the agenda is approved, each participant is notified by email and can consult it on the device of his choice, in order to be well prepared for the board of directors.


Quickly share the minutes of meeting

During your meetings, instantly complete topics on the agenda, support decisions and determine the actions to be taken.

When your board of directors is finished, all you need to do is review the elements of your minutes and send it to everyone by email. It will also be available through the minutes’ registry.

If you cannot be present, the audio recording of the meeting will allow you to listen to precise parts of the meeting and/or write the minutes quickly.

Forget the round-trip emails to validate a meeting time and date, all this is done in your corporate calendar


In meetings, be efficient and respect the scheduled time

Time is the rarest commodity and meetings often drag on. With Beeboard, be on time and even before time by respecting the allocated time with our integrated timekeeper.

First, determine the time per subject and automatically follow the overall time of the meeting. You can even schedule breaks!

The time indicator will show you if you are in advance or late on your topic and will count it on the overall meeting time.

From now on, end your next meeting on time!


Achieve organizational objectives with effective meeting measurement

Statistical reports are presented to you including the progress of current tasks, general statistics on meetings and attendance at meetings.

You can quickly see what needs to be improved in your organization, such as being on time with projects or cost overruns, and knowing this will greatly assist you in properly planning your time and resources.


The security of your documents, a priority for us

With more than 20 years of experience in secure solutions for courts, Beenote’s creators know and understand the importance you place on safety.

*These certifications are in conformity and have been awarded to their holders by the appropriate authorities.

Main features of Beeboard


Agenda Approval Process

Always have access to the latest version of your agenda with approvals from all members.

Vote on the decision

You can propose and support a decision directly in the subject under discussion.

Access Logging

You can see the list of members who have consulted the documents of the board or committee.

Register of tasks & decisions

Each decision taken and task assigned can be properly monitored.


Topic Register

When you run out of time at a meeting, a list of topics is available for the next meeting.


Advanced Search

You can search by folder, team, notes, tasks, meetings or keywords.

Organize your first executive committee, it’s quick!

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