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All the work tools you used in one place

In order to provide an efficient work environment, Beenote integrations is easily integrated. You don’t need to forsake your corporate tools!

Microsoft 365

Write your agenda and quickly invite your colleagues to your meetings, directly in your Microsoft corporate calendar.

Microsoft Teams

Continue to use Teams for video conferencing and document your meetings with Beenote.

Outlook Calendar Plugin

Fully integrated with Microsoft, Beenote can be used in your Outlook calendar or with your To Do task manager.

Google Workspace

Synchronize Google Calendar and Google Tasks with Beenote and you’ll have your meetings fully integrated with your tools.


Enjoy all the services of Antidote without leaving Beenote. Just a click to get your agenda or minutes checked by the best corrector on the market.

Calendar Plugin

Simple and effective integration of upcoming meetings and tasks to do with your corporate calendar through an ICS file.

Organize your first meeting! It’s free.