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9 benefits of walking on your health (Infographic)

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Workplace Wellness

Last Updated on 3 June 2022

It’s known that walking is good for health. It’s an opportunity for you to enjoy nature, and benefit from fresh air and light. It’s also a physical activity that fits easily into your agenda of the day. But, what are the real benefits of walking and how is it possible to benefit from it even at work or when working from home? Let’s see…

1. Stimulate creative thinking

According to researches, physical activity would positively influence cognition. 5.25% of those attending a walking meeting are more likely to be creative at work than those who don’t participate. – Harvard Business Review. 

Furthermore, going out or walking inside the office brings solutions that you might not have thought of. By being stimulated by your visual and auditory environment, your creativity is put forward.

Walking helps to generate new ideas and increase creativity for an average of 60%. 

2. Reduce stress

Walking solicits the cardio-respiratory system and provides better oxygenation of the tissues and release of endorphins, hence the soothing effect. Walking is, therefore, an excellent natural stress reliever.

From now on, get into the habit of going for a walk to unwind. You will only get profits. In addition, it will change your professional routine.

Practiced regularly, anxiety, tension, and blood pressure can be reduced, and this, thanks to walking.

3. Help to sleep

Many people among us have difficulty falling asleep, sleeping well, or suffering from insomnia regularly. Walking is a good remedy to get the necessary rest and finally to regulate sleep.

30 minutes of walking a day are good enough to improve your quality of sleep. Why not try it during your lunch hour or after work in exchange for the transport you don’t have to do when teleworking?

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4. Make us happier and cheerful

Doing physical activity stimulates serotonin, commonly called the happiness hormone. Walking as little as 6 minutes a day can considerably modify our mood (about 30% more).

You will be much more motivated to do your work and more pleasant when interacting with your colleagues.

5. Helps us stay healthy

For those who walk to lose weight, know that your walking sessions should exceed 30 minutes to be beneficial to your body. The longer the sessions are, the more it will pay for you. Take note that the speed of walking is also an important factor in energy spending as well as your basic needs in energy (varies depending on the weight, age, and height.)

Walking for 15 minutes burns about 56 calories. — EAB

Whatever your motivation, walking keeps us in shape and healthy!

6. Walking is an excellent way to control cravings

Often at work, when we are bored or stressed, we nibble at what we find at hand. It’s even worse when our own refrigerator is just a few steps away from our workspace. Going for a walk can help greatly to change ideas and forget the small hollow that tangles our stomach.

A suggestion for you if you really like to eat: when you have a craving at the office, get up, take a healthy snack and go take a breath of air for a few moments. A great opportunity to change bad habits at work and have a healthy time for yourself. You could also invite colleagues to hold a walking meeting. Combine the useful with the pleasant!

Did you know that the Dietary Guidelines For Americans 2015-2020 recommends walking meetings at work?

7. Give energy

Walking regularly enhances the oxygenation of the muscles, organs, and brain, in addition to activating the central nervous system and promoting better sleep. This is perfect before a task that requires a lot of energy and concentration!

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8. Walking can extend life expectancy

Ladies and gentlemen, put away your creams, walking is the new youth secret. Joking aside, walking stimulates the anti-aging process and helps repair cells.

Walking only 25 minutes a day can extend life expectancy by 3 to 7 years. –  European Society of Cardiology

9. Reduce diseases and injuries risks

Walking reinforces the heart and improves blood circulation as well as reduces coronary disease risks. It also minimizes the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, breast, and colon cancer while strengthening metabolism. Walking also promotes better mental health and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, it reduces injury risks by reinforcing bones and articulations as well as tones muscles.

Walking at work or better, have walking meetings

Physical exercise allows you to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Why not integrate walking into your work routine?

Walking meetings are very trendy. These meetings are done by walking. Ideally in a small group, instead of the traditional around the table seated meeting. By using this time where we normally sit to do a meeting, we enjoy the benefits while advancing the work.

Do you walk regularly? Do you practice this activity during your work hours?


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