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A partnership to speed up your growth

Become a partner of Beenote to allow your customers to use an all-in-one tool for all their meetings to benefit from a simple structure and process.

Become a partner

Help managers achieve successful meetings with a complete solution

To become a partner, all you need is a desire to help your clients improve their meetings to help them achieve their actions and goals. Offer a tool that will allow you to…

outil gestion de réunions

all-in-one tool

Organize better meetings by using a single tool to centralize all your documents

ordre du jour struturé

clear framework

Create a detailed agenda that provides a structure to follow during your meetings

Streamlined governance

Apply good governance practices through meeting management

développe esprit équipe

Better collaboration

Increase the involvement and collaboration of team members

Do like these companies and become a partner of Beenote

Provide an easy structure for managers and allow good meeting document management from a single tool

Offer to the members of the Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec a complete solution for the management of the Board of Directors toward a better governance


Provide non-profit organizations with an accessible governance tool for Board of Directors and Annual General Meetings

Give the members of the childcare centers a simple management tool for the Board of directors, allowing them to keep a structured governance

Louis Turmel

Becoming a Beenote partner is an opportunity to offer your customers a simple and easily accessible meeting management solution. Whether it’s for project meetings, committee meetings or board meetings, Beenote is the solution that allows you to manage your meetings in one place.

Do you want to provide your customers or members with best practices and process improvements as much as I do? Join Beenote for a partnership that will focus on these goals.

Louis Turmel
CEO and Founder of Beenote

10,000+ managers and administrators use and enjoy Beenote. Share your love by becoming a Beenote partner