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Beenote announces its alliance with Meeteor

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Beenote News, Business Partners, Press Release

Last Updated on 10 December 2021


Beenote is proud to announce its alliance with Meeteor, an American company that also works in the world of corporate meetings to contribute to a team’s success.

Since 2013, Meeteor has provided products and services to support teams and organizations to build healthy culture around meetings. During this time, Meeteor learned their strength and unique contribution to a world with better meetings is on the human side of change.

As of March 1, 2018, Meeteor has discontinued its meeting technology solution and transferred its customers to the Beenote solution. This alliance will make it possible to offer complementary and complete services to businesses.

Meeteor will continue to focus its energies on providing training, speaking and coaching for English and Mandarin speaking markets to support teams to implement effective meeting practices. Beenote continues to be a solution for the global market by offering the 1st meeting management portal for boards, committees, and teams.

“The alliance between Meeteor and Beenote was self-evident because we have a lot of similarities and want to help boards, committees and their work teams adopting best meeting management practices,” says Louis Turmel, Beenote founder.

Who is Meeteor?

Meeteor provides coaching, training and consulting services to help individuals and teams thrive at work with a special emphasis on effective meetings. Mamie Kanfer Stewart, founder & CEO of Meeteor, is well established as a thought leader in this space. Her recent bookMomentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings reached best-seller status on Amazon. She has published numerous articles about meetings and team collaboration in major American media sites including Fast CompanyForbes,, Huffington Post.  

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Who is Beenote?

Beenote is the first meeting management portal for boards, committees, and teams that targets all employees and meetings of an organization to enable them to achieve a high level of governance and efficiency. Beenote is a Canadian company present on all continents.


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