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Out of beta, release of version 1.0

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Beenote's new features

Last Updated on 13 October 2022

It’s finally spring!

At Beenote, like our emblematic bee, we were silent for the winter, but not hibernating. We have worked hard on several new features for you. We are very proud to announce the release of version 1.0 of Beenote.

Beenote is an all-in-one meeting and wellness management tool for more efficient and healthy work teams.

With Beenote, you can plan, execute and follow-up on your meetings. Here are the main functions that will allow you to be more efficient during your team meetings.

  • Quickly prepare an agenda with clear objectives to get a structured meeting. This agenda will allow you to inform in advance your teammates of the meeting’s content.
  • Beenote allows full or on-demand audio recording to keep track of important moments of your exchange.
  • In order to carry your projects, you can assign, accomplish, know and follow the tasks progress of each team members.
  • Beenote automatically integrates to your corporate calendar by adding upcoming meetings and tasks.
  • Share by email, to your entire team, the minutes that are automatically generated. Multiple configurations will allow you to customize your layout.
  • Beenote allows you to share in real-time: the agenda, the notes were taken by the leader or by one of the partners, important documents, decisions taken as well as the assigned tasks.
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The team is the heart of your meetings. Beenote understood this and that’s why we introduced the teamwork concept to our solution, in order to help you become more efficient in a team.

Take the opportunity to invite colleagues to join you or your new team!

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