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Change the world, one meeting at a time

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Beenote News

Last Updated on 10 December 2021

It is with this vision that we are launching, on this first day of February of the year 2016, our new product: Beenote.

After seven years of thinking and searching, and almost two years of software development, my team and I are really proud to present our new meeting management solution that will change the world, one meeting at a time.

A meeting management tool that stands out on the market

Beenote stands out of the other meeting management solutions on the market by being the first to offer a comprehensive view, by project or committee, of all reports, decisions made and tasks assigned.

In addition to being available on all platforms, Beenote allows the audio recording, all or in part, of your conversations. The objective is to simplify your follow-up and increase the precision of the collected information.

Any company, private or public, is measured by its ability to attain its objectives. To achieve that, companies are developing projects. To realize their projects, whatever they are, people have to meet to decide, inquire, and discuss.

Beenote provides a simple and effective structure that helps you:

  • Plan, animate and manage your meetings
  • Maintain corporate memory with chronological documentation of decisions made and tasks assigned during meetings
  • Increase the professionalism of the participants
  • Extract the operational intelligence to favor the success of your projects
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In short, your meetings will never have been that effective.

With this product, we are aiming for the top, since the need is universal. I used « we » because carrying out that kind of project alone would be impossible. To achieve that, a team must be inspired and motivated to reconsider preconceptions with a new pair of eyes.

I take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to our solution. Start this new approach now and valorize your work as a meeting manager. Together, we can change the world, one meeting at a time.

Louis Turmel
Louis Turmel

Serial Technology entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in managing and marketing of new technology. Beenote, 1st paperless meeting management portal for boards, committees and their teams.


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