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Customer Success

Marcil Lavalléee’s teams have significantly improved the entire meeting management process as well before, during and after meetings.

Marcil Lavallée is an independent accounting firm that offers its services, among others, to the French business community in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa. For more than 35 years, it has been promoting the use of leading-edge technology to better serve its clients. The team is staffed by more than 80 professionals, including 16 partners.

Beenote, for the management of the executive committee

Marcil Lavallée, a provider of a wide range of accounting services, uses Beenote to manage their executive committees. This has allowed them to greatly improve the efficiency of their meetings, to ensure a close follow-up of the tasks assigned and to facilitate the documentation and research of the topics discussed.

What were their specifications for a good meeting management tool?

Marcil Lavallée’s team had already implemented an internal business practice of secure document management in PDF format.

However, the company wanted to improve the entire meeting management process before, during and after meetings with the implementation of a collaborative solution.

The team then established a list of criteria to evaluate the tools available on the market that would meet their needs.

The most important requirements were:

  • The simplicity of the tool
  • The follow-up of the tasks to be carried out
  • Searching for specific information in all documented meetings
  • Integration into email/calendar/tasks of Microsoft 365
“ In a matter of seconds, I can retrieve anything that was discussed in my management committee. Both the topics, the decisions and the actions to be taken. ”

─ François Fontaine, Director, Projects & Continual Improvement

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