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Annual General Meeting Agenda Template

To simplify your planning, use our customizable annual general meeting template for all types of organizations and businesses. With Beenote, you can be sure to have the right structure of your agenda.


The importance of the AGM structure

This annual meeting serves to present the activities of the previous and current year, to elect the members of the board of directors, but above all to make important decisions.

The basis for a successful general meeting is the structure of the agenda. With Beenote’s template, you can modify your agenda according to your needs by adding information, documents, and resolutions as required.

The benefits of an agenda template that is consistent with your Annual General Meeting

reunion structuree


With our agenda template, you will already have a good structure for your annual general meeting

système vote


The agenda allows you to stay focused on the discussion to make much more informed decisions

registre sujets, decisions, taches


Your agenda can be shared or projected during your meeting while remaining in one secure location.

signature procès-verbal


Your minutes will be written in a few minutes and then signed digitally or downloaded in PDF format


How to use the agenda for your Annual General Meeting

This document is the structure of your meeting and must be accessible to all members of the quorum. It must include all resolutions of decisions made during your general meeting. The agenda can be modified in real-time and projected during your meeting.

At the end of the meeting, you must share and retain the signed minutes.

Isabelle Ducharme

Before I was sending emails, Google Drive or Dropbox links, etc. to make sure to share as much information as possible with a Board of 9 people. Documents spread out on the left and on the right. With Beeboard, the management of the board is all in one place.

Board members simply open Beeboard and they will find everything they need to run their board (documents, tasks, agenda, calendar, etc.). This has made life easier for each board member and for me as a manager. It has also improved the knowledge transfer and governance of the organization.

Isabelle Ducharme
Formely, General Manager, Fédération de natation du Québec
Now, General Manager, Sport Québec


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