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Information-Sharing Meeting Agenda Template

Information- sharing meeting agenda template that will serve as a detailed structure for your meeting. Stay focused on the content, not on the package.

Share essential information with your collaborators

The main objective of the information-sharing meeting is to share information with participants such as company news, upcoming changes, new products, or sharing in-depth knowledge of a field (training, conference, webinar).

These presentations are most of the time supported by visual content and are more effective than sharing information in writing (email, internal messaging, or other collaborative tools).

In addition, information-sharing meetings allow team members to ask questions and get answers quickly. For managers, it is a good way to take the emotional pulse of their team and get immediate feedback and reactions.

The meeting is an opportunity to verify and confirm that the message, idea, or decision is well understood by everyone and that the objective of the communication is achieved.

This type of meeting is easily flexible to accommodate questions, reactions, or objections.

Benefits of using an agenda template for your information-sharing meeting

When you need to share general information or updates that may be repetitive from one person to another and are best shared among a group of people at once rather than in some other way.


Define the roles, responsibilities, objectives and tasks of each participant for a better preparation


The agenda informs the participants of the topics that will be discussed


The agenda provides a clear structure for the speakers to stay focused on the important topics


How to use the agenda for your information-sharing meetings

The agenda can be drafted by the meeting leader, but also in collaboration with the other speakers. Everyone defines what should be mentioned in his part.

The agenda is primarily a support, an overview, or a summary of what will be mentioned, discussed.

Since we’ve been using Beenote, our meetings have ended on time or even ahead of time. In addition, people come prepared.

Viviane Couto
Project Manager and Communications, AQT

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