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Your meetings with Beenote – Survey results

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Beenote News, Communication, Report | Survey, Types of Meeting

Last Updated on 25 January 2022

Over the summer, Beenote surveyed 3000 account managers to get an overview of the typical profile of people who meet and their use of our meeting management tool.

People who hold meetings are…

60% of men who are mainly between 40 and 59 years old whose teams are composed of 0 to 30 people. The main job functions of people using Beenote are project manager, executive, team leader or general manager.

Their use of Beenote

Top 5 main reasons to love Beenote

  1. Organize and structure meetings
  2. Have a follow-up of actions/tasks
  3. Improve team collaboration
  4. Have a history of decisions
  5. Improving governance 

Beenote meets 90% of the needs, but most importantly 87% of people would recommend Beenote to a colleague.


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