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10 Benefits of moving to paperless meetings

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Best Meeting Practices, Types of Meeting

Last Updated on 16 August 2021

It is not uncommon to see stacks of paper fill the void of some of our offices. It becomes difficult to search for information through all this hubbub of paper. When added to this, the agendas to read and share as well as the minutes of meetings to keep, it becomes impossible to navigate.

But if you used a meeting management solution such as Beenote to hold paperless meetings? What could this bring to you more than a clean office? More than you think! If you change your habits and adopt good meeting practices, let’s see the positive repercussions this could have on the entire organization.

1. Data security

Secure documents for peace of mind, this is the first reason to use a meeting management portal. No theft of confidential documents, traceability of documents, and quick identification of people who had access to confidential data.

2. Improve team collaboration

Allows collaborative writing of all meeting documents, complete reduction of email exchanges, follow-up of agenda and minutes approval, and real-time collaboration at the meeting.

3. Increase active participation in virtual meetings

Everyone has access to the documents, can read them before the meeting, and be prepared during the meeting. Participants will, therefore, feel more involved in remote meetings.

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4. Facilitate document sharing

Centralized documents always keep the latest version available and reduce the risk of a version error.

5. Simplified and productive travel

Quick access to all your documents during your travels thanks to synchronization on all your devices.

6. Facilitate the search for information

Easy keyword research in all agendas and minutes, by files and team.

7. Decrease the time spent in administrative proceedings

Printing, manipulation, sharing, filing, archiving, and searching are now forgotten tasks.

8. Reduce the costs of meetings

With centralized documents, no need to spend money on paper, ink, mail, etc.

9. Respect the environment more

Share the beautiful values of recycling with your entourage to save trees.

10. Gain space in your offices

Gain physical space in your office thanks to electronic documents because they were previously awarded for storage (archives).


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