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11 reasons to use your smartphone at your next meeting

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Best Meeting Practices, Productivity

Last Updated on 9 June 2022

Many are saying loud and clear that when smartphones are allowed in meetings, some people waste their time (and sometimes the time of others) on Facebook, Instagram, and Co., or they answer their emails or they simply don’t follow the exchanges and thus interfere with the smooth running of the meeting. What if, on the other hand, using your smartphone for meetings could be beneficial for all participants? You don’t believe me? Here are 11 reasons to use your smartphone for meetings.

Plan your meeting

1. Use a collaborative meeting management tool; the agenda can be written by several collaborators.

2. Be better prepared: The agenda is available at any time and place. This allows for better preparation of meeting participants.

3. Be informed: Notifications of upcoming meetings are automatically displayed on your smartphone when you have integrated your agenda with your corporate calendar (Microsoft 365 or Google).

During your meeting

4. Environmental friendliness and monetary economy with paperless meetings: people consult the agenda and relevant documents on their smartphone.

5. Collaborative notes: Each participant can add notes to the current topic.

6. More than a notebook: The smartphone allows people to easily take and keep their personal notes. Afterward, they can be searched by keywords. No more notebooks where it is difficult to find information later on.

7. Teleworking tool: Use a videoconferencing application such as Teams or Zoom and attend a virtual meeting with your team. It’s just like being at the office!

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8. Audio recording is a way to protect yourself, to keep an audio record of what was said and decided. This way you can document your meetings to avoid confusion or conflict.

9. Practice walking meeting: The main benefit of the smartphone is its mobility. So why stay confined to your office or home? Go out and have a walking meeting on a subject that causes you concern. You’ll see, inspiration will come faster.

Better follow-up on your meetings

10. Access to all documents from the meeting and from past meetings with the centralized registry of minutes.

11. Task follow-up: The smartphone allows you to see at a glance all the tasks that have been assigned in a meeting for a better follow-up and progress of projects.

In conclusion

Of course, some will always say that bringing your smartphone to meetings is an important source of distractions, but they are here for good. Make smartphone an ally and finally have more effective meetings!


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