Remote working because of coronavirus? Beenote handles your meetings!

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Best Meeting Practices, Teamwork

Last Updated on 18 May 2021

We are in prevention mode and we are looking for a way to have as little impact as possible on the way we work despite the difficult social and global context we are currently experiencing because of coronavirus.

Managers must therefore adapt their practice to the current context and remote work is the solution of choice suggested and, in some cases, strongly recommended by governments.

But what does telework mean in fact? As a manager, how can you keep projects moving forward, make decisions that will be known to everyone, and assign and follow up on tasks?

Our solution is simple. Beenote gives you the opportunity to avoid crowds, limit travel and simply keep working as a team.

Beenote also allows you to communicate with fewer people physically present in the office, collaborate on projects, hold meetings via video conferencing or telephone and keep a written or audio record of those meetings, and move projects forward despite the global crisis.

Despite all the chaos caused by this coronavirus, Beenote makes it possible above all to organize and structure your work and remote meetings.

For managers, online meetings make it possible to:

  • stay informed about the progress of tasks
  • inform your team members by email
  • keep the information in one place
  • keep records of decisions
  • search easily through all your documents

Would you like more information about Beenote or get a demo based on your team needs? Contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist you.

Mélanie Lessard
Mélanie Lessard

Marketing Director of Beenote, Melanie loves the world of marketing which is constantly evolving to offer the best product for her clients’ needs. Her primary goal is to help organizations simplify the governance of their boards, committees and teams through good meeting management practices.


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